“The Vast White Plains” Streaming on Terrorizer

"The Vast White Plains" Streaming on Terrorizer.com

“The Vast White Plains” Streaming on Terrorizer.com

“The Vast White Plains” is the leading track on the upcoming Solar Halos album.  The nice folks at Terrorizer are streaming it now!

Click here to stream the song!

“Tripped out stoner rock psychonauts Solar Halos have just unveiled a brand new song entitled ‘The Vast White Plains’, and you can hear it here first, exclusively with Terrorizer.

There’s no doubting Solar Halos’ pedigree, as the band consists of Horseback and Caltrop drummer John Crouch, Fin Fang Foom bassist Eddie Sanchez and guitarist/singer Nora Rogers, formerly of Horseback and Curtains of Night. The band have just put the finishing touches on their upcoming self-titled debut, and this song is the first tantalising glimpse of what we can expect from the full record.

The trio manage to sidestep the most obvious stoner rock cliches, forging a deep, sensual sound that sounds far weightier and heartfelt than many of their contemporaries. Take a listen below, but be warned: after listening to this song, you may develop a sudden urge to quit your job, head out to the desert and spend the rest of your days dancing naked in the blistering sun…”