New Split 10″ with Irata on Crimson Eye Records

Irata / Solar Halos split 10"

Irata / Solar Halos split 10″

Greensboro, North Carolina’s Crimson Eye Records are releasing a split 10″ featuring songs from Solar Halos and Irata.  Street date: July 22, 2014.  We are celebrating the release of the record with two shows:

Friday July 18th at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem with Stone City.

Saturday July 19th at Chapel Hill Underground with Bitter Resolve and MAKE.

Solar Halos & Irata split 10" release show

from the desk of Crimson Eye Records:

Irata and Solar Halos have joined forces with CrimsonEye Records to put out one of the most exciting splits of 2014. Because both bands already have full-lengths, it was necessary to come out with some new material that displays how the bands have grown in a short period of time. The bands are practically neighbors in NC, and CrimsonEye Records knew this would be the best time to have bands collaborate efforts to put out a solid split, not just for NC, but for anyone who can fix their ears on it. Phillip Cope of Kylesa helped on productions of Iratas’ track, while Kris Hilbert of Legitimate Business worked on Solar Halos’. Both songs were combed through with expert precision, and every note and background noise brings that much more weight to the song. Not to mention having the revered musician/producer James Plotkin master it so when it hits your ears, it explodes with magical volume.

DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ALBUM! This IS one of the newest, best stoner metal splits of 2014, equipped with all of the right qualities to be a successful and impressionable album. It will be an enjoyable listen, and one you will easily have stuck in your head for days to come. Once people hear about this album, it will stay on the turntables for the rest of the year. Any questions or inquires should be directed to Nick Brown at CrimsonEye Records at the email