Hopscotch Handbook

Hopscotch Handbook - metal

Hopscotch Handbook – Metal

Hopscotch Music Festival posted a guide to the heavier bands performing at this year’s festival. Sept 5-7 in Raleigh NC. Better get your tickets soon!

“The churning tunes of Chapel Hill trio Solar Halos recast space rock and stoner metal in kaleidoscopic light. Indeed, on an excellent debut batch of demos released last year, an inexplicable brightness graced the sort of dovetailing bass-and-guitar riffs and martial rhythms that typically sound tough and dim. But the assailant voice of Nora Rogers spreads the hooks high, while drummer John Crouch powers ahead as though he’s fighting a battle that he’s predestined to win. Somewhere between Coven and Torche, Hawkwind and High on Fire, the appropriately named Solar Halos arrives, backlighting its bruises.”