Best Blueprint for a Hard-Rock Future in SPIN magazine


Some nice things said in SPIN’s “Hopscotch 2013: The 10 Best Things We Saw“:

Best Blueprint for a Hard-Rock Future: SOLAR HALOS

The musicians who make up this Chapel Hill power trio are veterans of various area bands, but those other projects would be hard-pressed to match the riff-snortin’ statement of purpose that resounded through the Lincoln Theater on Saturday night. Led by singer-guitarist Nora Rogers, Solar Halos blazed up stoner metal the way you always wanted it to burn, gave heavy psych a gritty drive that never nodded out, hinted at doominess but didn’t submit to the darkness, and forged their own hard-ass, hit-and-run blues blare.

Wringing crushing power chords from her Rickenbacker, Rogers commanded the stage by simply immersing herself in the cathartic rhythmic churn of drummer John Crouch (who, like Rogers, played with Mount Moriah’s Jenks Miller in avant-metal band Horseback) and bassist Eddie Sanchez (who played with Mount Moriah’s Heather McEntire in post-punk band Bellafea). Rogers and Sanchez share vocals, which usually hover above or below the clamor, never intruding. But on a song like “Frost,” as the trio ascend to new levels of ferociousness, Rogers’ voice shifts from a highway howl to an incantation of sorts, as if she’s willing her way out of the ashes and into the light.