Solar Halos

With a magnetic sound as imposing and radiant as their celestial namesake, SOLAR HALOS provide a kaleidoscope of textures and enterprise which boldly ignites the imagination. The trio from Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a band crafting mesmeric brews of stoner and psychedelic rock, sonic weaves to which acclaim has not been reserved in its receipt.

Solar Halos is the portrait of the united invention of former Horseback and Curtains of Night guitarist/vocalist NORA ROGERS, Fin Fang Foom bassist EDDIE SANCHEZ, and drummer JOHN CROUCH of Horseback and Caltrop. Together the three draw on previous experiences to cast new evocative explorations; sonic quests upon a stoner seeded canvas coloured with a uniquely eloquent yet rousing psychedelic paint box. The constant emotive incitement of their sound equally embraces doomy shadows unveiled through a hypnotic drone bred quality though it is just one layer in the sonic evocation, a texture broken up through the ethereal voice of Rogers, contrasted provocatively by darker male tones, and persistently stirring guitar melodies which ignite the darker scenery.

Solar HalosWith the mountainous unrelenting rhythms of Crouch and the carnivorous bass engraving of Sanchez continuously sparking the imagination as they interplay with the expressive guitar craft of Nora, and the band never afraid to wash elements and instruments in rich distortion as lyrical themes of nature springs forth the lyrical potency of songs, Solar Halos lead the listener into landscapes of immersive fascination truly singular to them.

Debut release “Demos” in 2012 drew instant attention, Metal Hammer (UK) calling it a ‘Thunderous and Soulful yet equally dark and narcotic Heavy Psych’. It was a potent base which the band evolved into enthralling examinations upon their Devouter Records released self-titled album at the beginning of this year. The full-length was immediately a magnet for fans and the critical media, the album described as ‘one of the first great adventures of 2014’.

Solar HalosComposing an immersive sound impervious to boundaries, Solar Halos strive to fuse contrasts of light and dark within dynamic organic terrains. They cast individual expanses aligned to heavy expression and as their album confirms, it results in spacious yet intimate soundscapes, masterful journeys for the senses which prove Solar Halos as a truly individual proposition.

With a new split 10″ alongside Irata on Crimson Eye Records due on the near horizon, 2014 is the time of Solar Halos and their beautiful heavy engagements, each a provocative feast for all rock fans.


2012 Demos

2014 s/t LP/CD on Devouter Records

2014 split 10″ on Crimson Eye Records

– Pete RingMaster 2014